Sunday, June 20, 2010

Game of Thrones cast gallery (Season One)

Here is an evolving cast gallery for HBO's Game of Thrones, with fan art by Amok (and a couple other sources) for comparison. The show will feature a huge number of characters, and this list will be updated as news develops.

The pilot episode was filmed in Scotland and Morocco in October 2009. The first season began filming in Northern Ireland and Malta on July 26, 2010. The series will air on HBO in spring 2011.

Sean Bean as
Eddard Stark

Michelle Fairley as
Catelyn Stark

Kit Harington as
Jon Snow

Richard Madden as
Robb Stark ("The Young Wolf")

Sophie Turner as
Sansa Stark

Maisie Williams as
Arya Stark

Isaac Hempstead-Wright as
Brandon Stark

Art Parkinson as
Rickon Stark

Ron Donachie as
Rodrik Cassel

Jamie Sives as
Jory Cassel

Charles Dance as
Tywin Lannister

Peter Dinklage as
Tyrion Lannister ("The Imp")

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as
Jaime Lannister
("The Kingslayer")

Lena Headey as
Cersei Lannister

Ian Gelder as
Kevan Lannister

Eugene Simon as
Lancel Lannister

Jack Gleeson as
Joffrey Baratheon

Aimee Richardson as
Myrcella Baratheon

Callum Wharry as
Tommen Baratheon

Mark Addy as
Robert Baratheon

Gethin Anthony as
Renly Baratheon

Harry Lloyd as
Viserys Targaryen

Emilia Clarke as
Daenerys Targaryen

Jason Momoa as
Kahl Drogo

Iain Glen as
Jorah Mormont

Aidan Gillen as
Petyr Baelish ("Littlefinger")

Conleth Hill as
Varys the Eunuch ("The Spider")

Julian Glover as
Grand Maester Pycelle

Ian McElhinney as
Barristan Selmy
("Barristan the Bold")

Alfie Owen-Allen as
Theon Greyjoy

Finn Jones as
Loras Tyrell
("The Knight of Flowers")

Rory McCann as
Sandor Clegane ("The Hound")

Conan Stevens as
Gregor Clegane
("The Mountain that Rides")

John Standing as
Jon Arryn

Kate Dickie as
Lysa Arryn

Lino Facioli as
Robin Arryn

David Bradley as
Walder Frey

Clive Mantle as
Jon Umber ("The Greatjon")

James Cosmo as
Jeor Mormont ("The Old Bear")

John Bradley-West as
Samwell Tarly

Peter Vaughan as
Maester Aemon

Joseph Mawle as
Benjen Stark

Owen Teale as
Alliser Thorne

Francis Magee as

Josef Altin as

Mark Stanley as

Natalia Tena as

Jerome Flynn as

Miltos Yerolemou as
Syrio Forel

Sibel Kekilli as

Mark Lewis Jones as

Mia Soteriou as
Mirri Maz Duur

David Michael Scott as
Beric Dondarrion

Joseph Dempsie as

Ben Hawkey as
Hot Pie

Wilko Johnson as
Ilyn Payne

Roger Allam as
Illyrio Mopatis

Donald Sumpter as
Maester Luwin

Margaret John as
Old Nan

Kristian Nairn as

Susan Brown as
Septa Mordane

Dominic Carter as
Janos Slynt

Emun Elliott as

Brendan McCormack as
Vardis Egen

Rob Ostlere as
Waymar Royce

Roxanne McKee as

Amrita Acharia as

Dar Salim as

Elyes Gabel as

Esmé Bianco as

Antonia Christophers as

Sahara Knite as

Ian Beattie as
Meryn Trant

Jefferson Hall as
Ser Hugh of the Vale

Ciaran Bermingham as

Andrew Wilde as
Tobho Mott

Rodri Hosking as

Eros Vlahos as
Lommy Greenhands

Brian Fortune as
Bowen Marsh

Luke McEwan as

Mark Coney as
Lord Glover

Gerry O'Brien as
Lord Bracken

Vincent McCabe as
Lord Karstark

Dermot Keaney as

Bronson Webb as

Stephen Don as

Susie Kelly as
Masha Heddle

Simon Lowe as
Wineseller Assassin

Lalor Roddy as

Hugo Culverhouse as


  1. Hello, I've a Blog about Game Of Thrones in portuguese. I'm from Brazil. Could I translate this text from your blog? I'll public this content in my blog with credits. Pleaze. I'm very excited about the series and I can't wait for that! Your blog is very cool!
    Anyawy thank you!

  2. Thanks!

  3. Nice work, good to see it all in one place. Thanks. (I came over from sffworld)

  4. Only actor I'm iffy about is Conan Stevens. Sure he's (almost) tall like the Mountain but he looks more goofy then menacing. You better do the role justice Stevens!

  5. Crow, I'm gonna assume you're joking about Conan Stevens. Just watch his showreel. If you're still concerned, I would say the problem isn't with Conan....

  6. Hey Lex,
    It would be great if you can replace some of the cast photos with anybody who was shown in the HBO behind-the-scene video (i.e. Bran, Cercei, Viserys, Robb, Jorah, Theon, Littlefinger, Varys, Grenn, etc.).


  7. I will try to replace the the actors' headshots with images from the show as we get them, but I want to maintain a certain level of quality. The only image we have of Varys so far, for example, is of very poor quality. But I'll see what I can do.

  8. this is a very impressive list, indeed :)
    I can't wait for the show !

  9. Hi,
    Maybe you can have multiple pix of the actors. The thing is if I want to see a standard headshot of the actors, I can find it elsewhere such as winter is But it would be great to see screen captures of what the characters are actually going to look like.

  10. Thanks for replacing some of the pix (i.e. Cercei, Viserys, Bronn). Much better idea of what the characters will look like now.

  11. Whytespyder,

    They don't appear until book 2, so they won't be cast until Season 2.

  12. I went through the whole list eagerly looking for my favorite character, but he wasn't there!! How could they have forgotten Dolorous Ed? I can only imagine what Ed would have had to say about it... Anyway, my vote would have been for Clive Owen, although William H. Macy might be a more obvious choice.

  13. For the Seven's sake, IF THEY WEREN'T IN THE FIRST BOOK THEY'RE NOT IN THE FIRST SEASON. There are a couple of exceptions, Lommy Greenhands and Hot Pie, for example, but the first season primarily consists of the first book. Please stop asking where Jojen, Meera, Dolorous Edd, Stannis, Brienne, etc. are. THEY WILL SHOW UP NEXT SEASON, NOT BEFORE.

  14. Did you know that Margaret John, who did the brilliant job playing Old Nan in "Lord Snow" died February 2? She was 84.

  15. Just found this page and it is great. I have been looking for something like this since the show was annouced a year ago. Is this updated as new images of the characters are available.Such as, both Gren and PYP were in the latested episode but there actor pictures are still headshot rather than show images.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I wanna know who's gonna be Ygritte!!

  18. Any idea who played Heward or Wyl in episode 5. (Also you forgot Mikken - Boyd Rankin)

  19. Thanks to you for putting them all in one place! it is hard to get the cast straight with so many characters! and with the shows being only once a week, by the time you get them all down in your head, you don't see them again! Great job, and thank you for staying true to the series and not giving spoilers! I am incredibly satisfied with teh way the series sticks to the actual dialog of the books! And I think the castings have been fabulous! I particularly like Tyreon...his character has more class than all the others of his family!

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  23. My most favorite character by far is Daenerys, I also like Arya because she seems smart and able to help herself. Another one would be Tyrion.. He seemed to be the nicest Lannister in all of Westeros.

  24. Can you do the same article for the filming locations?

  25. Thanks for share i really like this collections keep it up..i like share too:)